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France Home Finance are pleased to partner with OFX one of the largest global money transfer providers. Over the years they have saved our clients literally thousands and proven to be safe, fast and extremely competitive.

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Euro Deposits & Final Payment
When purchasing a property in France, investors must transfer a deposit (earnest money) to the "Notaire's" account when they sign the "promesse de vente". This amount is typically 10% of the purchase price and is held in an escrow account by the Notaire until the final transaction is signed. When this transfer is due, clients can benefit from a no fee spot transfer which is an extremely competitive alternative to the banks. If the exchange currency is at an advantageous rate, clients can also fix the rate in with a Forward Transfer Contract to transfer the balance due at the final signature.

Regular Euro Payments
Once you are a installed in France you may need to top up your bank account or arrange regular payments to cover bills or a French mortgage. USForex offer a variety of solutions which allow clients to easily make regular transfers abroad. Clients can opt to fix a regular transfer amount each month to ensure all obligations are covered or they can opt for the flexibility of variable regular payments meaning you can benefit from great exchange rates without having to fix.

US Forex, UK Forex, OzForex and the other subsidiaries are part of the OFX group, a listed company with its HQ in Sydney and trading platforms available around the clock, all over the world. Since its launch in 1998, the Group has grown to be one of the world's largest online foreign exchange companies, fully compliant with regulators for all markets concerned.


David Hulston, Sydney, Australia, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"After previously dealing directly with French banks, it was a welcome relief to use the services of France Home Finance ..."

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