Equity release in France

In France you can release up to 50% of the value of your French property in cash to use for other projects.

The minimum amount for equity release or a refinance with cash out mortgages is 300,000 euros. Please note we are not able to offer equity release for leaseback properties.

You will need to justify what you will do with the funds released. There is a very limited list of approved projects and different rules apply for residents and non-residents.

To qualify for a French Equity Release mortgage, you must meet the usual borrowing requirements in terms of debt to revenue ratio.

Further, you must have a minimum of 100 000 euros annual revenue and minimum of 500 000 euros net assets.

We will be happy to confirm if you are eligible in principle. Please click on the "Apply Now" button below to provide your financial information.

Before applying, please obtain a conservative estimate of the market value of your French property from a local French estate agent.

Note : Equity Release in France is not the same product as in the UK. The French product allows you to release funds from your French property that you will then pay back with monthly payments. It is not possible in France as a non resident to have a mortgage without monthly repayments until your death or the sale of your home, like in the UK.


David Hulston, Sydney, Australia, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"After previously dealing directly with French banks, it was a welcome relief to use the services of France Home Finance ..."

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