International Money Transfers

Buying a second home, financing overseas tuition, moving abroad? Whatever your reason to transfer money, do not overpay by using your bank.

France Home Finance are pleased to partner with OFX, one of the largest global money transfer providers. Over the years they have saved our clients literally thousands with :

  • Basic Money Transfer - for making an immediate money transfer overseas at better rates than the banks
  • Limit Orders - wait for the exchange rate you want and automatically lock it in
  • Forward Contracts - if you like the current exchange rate and want to lock it in for the future
  • Recurring Transfers - avoid the hassle of booking a money transfer everytime you need it by scheduling ahead of time

Transfer Money in 3 Easy Steps:
Step 1: Register & get your quote (no obligation)
Step 2: Enter recipient bank account details to book your deal
Step 3: Send the funds

Recurring international payments - how does it work?

Save time and money with set exchange rates and flexible set up options to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Fixed Payments: This is best suited for a fixed amount that you need transfer regularly (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly) such as mortgage payments. If you are working in Canada and need to pay off your French mortgage each month for example, you can lock in your rate and transfer the same amount every month in Canadian dollars and receive the same specified euro amount to pay off your French mortgage.
  • Non Fixed Payments: This option is best suited for periodic money transfers that are not fixed. As an example, If you are temporarily living in France and want to send €1,800 of savings back home to the U.S. every month, you can take advantage of this option. You can benefit from favorable rate fluctuations using the non-fixed payment option.

Examples of recurring transfers for individuals:

  • Overseas mortgage payments
  • Transfer of retirement funds abroad
  • Foreign salary transfers
  • Overseas rental income transfer
  • Overseas school tuition payments
  • Overseas debt repayments
  • Transfer money/savings back to your home country

OFX group is a listed company with its HQ in Sydney and trading platforms available around the clock, all over the world. Since its launch in 1998, the Group has grown to be one of the world's largest online foreign exchange companies. OFX move in excess of $20BN annually on behalf of 330,000 clients and offer clients the security of being fully compliant and regulated by FinCEN of the United States Treasury, the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the other regulators for all markets concerned.


David and Ruth, New York USA, Purchase of 2 Paris buy to let apartments

"As a French expat...France Home Finance made the whole process of buying property incredibly easier for my wife and me..."

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