The Complete Mortgage Process

Contrary to mortgage processes in countries such as the United States and the UK, the French mortgage process requires a comprehensive study of the buyer’s financial profile. This is to reassure the banks that the borrowers will be financially stable enough to meet all the mortgage payments throughout the duration of the mortgage.

Here is a list of the essential documents that are required to complete a French mortgage application:

- Signed copy of the “compromise” or “promesse de vente” for existing property or reservation contract if new build
- Passports and marriage/divorce certificates, recent utility bill to prove home address
- Proof of income through payslips and tax returns or company P&L statements if self employed
- Last three months’ bank statements
- Clear indication of where funds for the mortgage deposits will come from
- Existing mortgage and loan statements
- Documents to demonstrate value of all assets (other properties, investment portfolios, retirement savings, etc.)
- Life insurance request form

While the process is more time consuming, it follows a common sense lending approach that has kept France out of the subprime crisis that proved disastrous for many countries in 2009.


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