Jean-Claude & Elizabeth Olivier, Canada, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"Our dedicated mortgage broker went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure that our interests were taken care of."

"Thank you France Home Finance for providing us with exceptional service and support throughout the course of purchasing property in Paris.

Buying a property abroad can sometimes seem like a daunting and overwhelming venture so it was comforting to have a professional and knowledge team to guide us through each step of the process. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated mortgage broker, who at times went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure that our interests were taken care of. She exemplified the utmost in professionalism and diplomacy.

She helped us navigate through what seemed like an endless sea of details and requirements, and she did so with patience and respect. She provided us with sound advice regarding our property and acted on our behalf with the financial institutions in Paris. Given the time difference abroad, she was always accessible and quick to respond to our emails. We relied on her for almost every aspect of the transaction and she rose to the occasion and exceeded our expectations.

Our friends and family at home have been closely monitoring our experience with buying property overseas to see if it would be a venture worth pursuing. We can confidently tell them that it is not difficult process as long as they have a professional team like France Home Finance working with them. Owning property in Paris has always been a dream of ours. Together with FHF, we made it a reality!"


Jem and Zoe Main, Dorchester England, Purchase of a home in Quillan

"...We are certain the service France Home Finance provided saved us money ... We think the France Home Finance team are the nicest people and we trust them."

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