Mike & Joy, Aberdeen, Scotland, Purchase of a French leaseback property in St. Laurent

"France Home Finance has a top quality service and their fee is worth every euro. It would be a pleasure to work with them again!"

"We were looking for the best French mortgage to suit the rental income versus loan interest and a 10 year investment plan, so it had to be geared towards minimal capital outlay and potential taxation - we got what we wanted. We use a mortgage broker in the UK so it was logical to do same in an unfamiliar foreign market - we are very glad that we did as obtaining a French mortgage is very demanding, compared to the UK. France Home Finance came recommended and on our introductions, we liked what we heard. France Home Finance helped us on several occasions; including negotiating to retain a lower interest rate in a rising market and obtaining an extra 5% to reduce personal outlay. Also on the softer issues, France Home Finance is not only a mortgage broker but also a 'one-stop' place to assist with most of the things that are encountered in a French property purchase, including translation of documents, even those that were non-mortgage related. Our French mortgage advisor also interfaced with the property developer ensuring that the information required to and from the several parties was managed on time – it made our job a lot easier. We opted for the offer that suited our plan best. Our high confidence in France Home Finance comparing and negotiating for us meant that we saved significantly on capital outlay. Fundamentally, the process in getting there, in having France Home Finance do what they are good at, saved a tremendous amount of our own time - now that is worth a lot to us. Our dedicated French mortgage broker was a delight to deal and speak with. Never too busy or remote to help, he always replied within the same day and always with a smile!! France Home Finance has a top quality service and their fee is worth every euro. It would be a pleasure to work with them again!"


Jem and Zoe Main, Dorchester England, Purchase of a home in Quillan

"...We are certain the service France Home Finance provided saved us money ... We think the France Home Finance team are the nicest people and we trust them."

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