Client Testimonials (86)

France Home Finance would like to thank our loyal clients for your continued confidence. Here’s what you have to say about the quality of our service :

Cheryl and Laurent, Paris France, Purchase of new construction in Montreuil, France

"Everyone at the signing marveled at the interest rate you got us. Thank you very much! Not only was the mortgage rate great but so is the insurance rate - despite the medical hang ups. Lastly, having you hold our hand through the transaction was reassuring and much appreciated."

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Jonathan and Maria, Brussels Belgium, Purchase of their main home in the Luberon

“France Home Finance ...acted as our general contractor for the host of other services necessary to complete the purchase... Their relationships with the local players and process expertise were especially appreciated when we needed everything to come together quickly in the end to be able to sign the act of purchase. I cannot recommend them highly enough..!”

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Robert Smith, Northport, New York US, Purchase of leaseback in Paris

“I have found buying real estate internationally an exciting and rewarding exercise. Unlike purchasing property in the states where teams of lawyers, accountants, appraisers and advisors are at your side every step of the way, you are sometimes on your own internationally. I honestly do not think my purchase would have happened without my mortgage broker and the good people at France Home Finance. They guided me every step of the way like we were partners. They not only helped they make my transaction smooth, they ensured I will realize the profit potential I had hoped with a mortgage that was right for me. As we say in New York, way to go!"

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Mel and Franck, Paris, Purchase of their main home in Paris

"...The journey to getting our keys yesterday has not been a stress-free one...mais bouff, c'est la France. There has been, however, one fantastic element in the process I wanted to promote to you all. The company is called France Home Finance."

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Peter Wilson, Edinburgh, Scotland, Purchase of a leaseback property in Paris

"It is only in retrospect that I realise how fortunate I was to be given such an excellent contact. Not only did the company search out a French mortgage suited to my particular circumstances, but it held my hand each step of the way through what was inevitably an unfamiliar application process."

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Karen Lane & Jim Vadeboncoeur, Palo Alto, California, USA, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"You were a pleasure to work with, providing advice and help in areas beyond the scope of the 'mortgage'."

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The Wests, Chatham Kent, UK, Purchase of a home in Northeast Brittany, France

"We were looking for a company with good local experience of the French buying and lending process. France Home Finance demonstrated that they have that experience..."

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Mark, Brussels, Belgium, Purchase of a buy-to-let apartment in Paris

"The service I received throughout was friendly, proactive and efficient and far superior to that I received from the French banks I approached directly myself."

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Best French Mortgage Rates

Find the best interest rates available on the market for your French mortgage here:

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French Interest Rate Indices

Check the latest Euribor and other key French mortgage rate indices here:

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2018 French Wealth Tax Changes

Here are the changes you need to know about:

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Case Studies

Buying a Piece of France - Tax and Legal Need to Know, November 2015

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor specilized in France, explains the latest tax, legal and accounting evolutions in French real estate :

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Tax & Legal Aspects of Buying a Pied à Terre in France

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor and expert on French property acquisition, explains what you need to know:

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