Client Testimonials (86)

France Home Finance would like to thank our loyal clients for your continued confidence. Here’s what you have to say about the quality of our service :

Jem and Zoe Main, Dorchester England, Purchase of a home in Quillan

"...We are certain the service France Home Finance provided saved us money ... We think the France Home Finance team are the nicest people and we trust them."

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Jean-Claude & Elizabeth Olivier, Canada, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"Our dedicated mortgage broker... went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure that our interests were taken care of. She exemplified the utmost in professionalism and diplomacy...She helped us navigate through what seemed like an endless sea of details and requirements, and she did so with patience and respect. ...We can confidently tell (friends and family) that it is not difficult process as long as they have a professional team like France Home Finance working with them. Owning property in Paris has always been a dream of ours. Together with FHF, we made it a reality!"

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David Hulston, Sydney, Australia, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"After previously dealing directly with French banks, it was a welcome relief to use the services of France Home Finance ..."

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Mr & Mrs Lewis, Sydney, Australia, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"France Home Finance... was quickly able to provide us with guidance on the amount we could borrow and therefore afford to pay for an apartment in Paris. Whilst we both speak French, being able to do all the paperwork in English made the process much easier for us to understand. As a result of the excellent service provided by France Home Finance, we were able to conduct the whole purchase by email and through the post, without the need to return to Paris."

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David, South of France, Equity release on home in France

"...The process was simple, effective, and quick... France Home Finance have proven to be outstanding in their service and flexibility... they even negotiated a rate reduction after the bank had made an offer at a higher rate. Now that's incredible!"

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Richard Price, Westminster, California, USA, Purchase of Paris apartment

" You will never hear the phrase, "that's not our job," from anyone at France Home Finance!...I must say that working with France Home Finance has been a pleasant and reassuring experience. Their fee is worth every Euro, and we would use their services again without question."

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The Arnolds, London UK, Purchase of a home in the South of France

"France Home Finance succeeded in getting us a very good deal, and we were most appreciative of the time and effort spent on our behalf. We would definitely recommend France Home Finance to anyone looking for a mortgage in France!"

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The MacDonalds, Sauchen, Scotland, Purchase of a French leaseback property in St. Laurent

"We got a much more personal service than a bank may have given us...I feel more than justified in pursuing France Home Finance to handle our financial needs."

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Mr. Adebiyi, London UK, Purchase of a French second home in Provence

"France Home Finance made a process which had previously filled me with foreboding incredibly easy. The personalised and highly attentive service we received was truly first class from our first contact with France Home Finance right through to the completion of our purchase and, indeed, beyond."

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Mark MacLeod, Chicago, Illinois USA, Purchase of a Paris apartment

"I was, needless to say, somewhat confused about how I was going to obtain a French Mortgage while living in Chicago... France Home Finance put my mind at ease and allowed me to enjoy the buying process."

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Madelaine and George, Illinois, USA, Purchase of Paris apartment

"It is indeed satisfying to have in hand a document attesting to our apartment purchase in Paris...France Home Finance helped us realize an exciting dream of having a place of our own in Paris."

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Norbert, County Fermanagh, Ireland, Purchase of leaseback apartment in Cannes

"At all times I felt that in spite of many difficulties, France Home Finance would be able to sort everything out in the end, as was proven by getting me a French mortgage as needed."

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B. Keith, Irving, Texas, USA, After sales service for purchase of a Paris Apartment

"Encore merci pour toute votre aide!"

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Best French Mortgage Rates

Find the best interest rates available on the market for your French mortgage here:

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French Interest Rate Indices

Check the latest Euribor and other key French mortgage rate indices here:

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2018 French Wealth Tax Changes

Here are the changes you need to know about:

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Case Studies

Buying a Piece of France - Tax and Legal Need to Know, November 2015

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor specilized in France, explains the latest tax, legal and accounting evolutions in French real estate :

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Tax & Legal Aspects of Buying a Pied à Terre in France

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor and expert on French property acquisition, explains what you need to know:

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